YouYu Electric Heating

220V Single Conductor Heating Cable

Item No.: YY-SRHC-1
Application: Pipe Heat Tracing
Insulation Material: Silicone
Conductor Material: Alloy Heating Wire
Jacket: Silicone

 Silicone rubber constant power heating cable is mainly used for antifreeze and heat preservation of pipelines and meters in various places. The maximum temperature is maintained at 150°C. It can be used in explosive gas applications in the first and second zones of the factory.
Consisting of alloy electric wire and silicon rubber high-temperature insulation material, it has the characteristics of rapid heat generation, uniform temperature, high thermal efficiency and good toughness. 


The voltage 36-240V is determined by the user. 
1. 25W / M withstand voltage AC3500V, the maximum limit of use is 65 meters.
2. 40W / M withstand voltage AC3500V, the maximum use limit is 50 meters.
3. 50W / M withstand voltage AC3500V, the maximum limit of use is 44 meters.

Technical Paramaters

Output power






Voltage range

36V-240V, up to the user

Cross-sectional area of the wire

0.75 square meters

Insulation material of the wire

Silicone rubber

Heating element material

Copper-nickel alloy wire

Copper-nickel alloy wire

Nickel-cadmium alloy wire

External insulation of the heating wire

Silicone rubber

Dimension of the heating element


Maximum length




Distance between nodes

0.5 m

Submerging withstand voltage




Product Features:
(1) Good temperature resistance. The whole adopts silicone rubber as the insulating and heat-conducting material(including power cord), and the working environment temperature is -60 ℃ to ± 200 ℃.
(2) Good heat conduction performance: heat energy can be generated when power is applied, and heat conduction is conducted directly. The thermal efficiency is high, and the effect can be achieved by heating for a short time.
(3) Reliable electrical performance: Each electric heating belt is tested at the factory after strict DC resistance, water immersion high voltage and insulation resistance to ensure quality.
(4) The structure is strong, flexible and easy to bend; combined with the whole cold tail section, there is no joint. The structure is reasonable and easy to install.
(5) Strong designability; heating length, lead length, rated voltage, power are determined by the user.