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Y819H/16 Electric Heating Room Thermostat with WiFi Function

Item No.: Y819H/16-WIFI
Application: Control Temperature of Underfloor Electric Heating System
Insulation Material: N/A
Conductor Material: N/A
Jacket: N/A
Thermostats are used for underfloor electric heating system, the thermostat is to adjust the current output value of the control load (conductor) to control the temperature and achieve the purpose of constant temperature, electric heating system must be equipped with a temperature control device. Mainly used for household electric heating. The basic working principle is to collect the indoor temperature through the temperature probe, and then compare the collected temperature with the temperature set by the user. When the collection temperature is lower than the set temperature, the temperature controller operates, the heating element is powered off and the system stops heating, circulating in this way, keeps the temperature in the room within the set value range.

Application : Underfloor Heating System
Function : Room Temperature Control
Power Voltage : 90V~260V/50Hz,60Hz
Load Current :3A or 16A
Detection Temperature Range : 5-50℃
Set Temperature Range : 5-35℃
Control Temperature Range : 5-35℃
Accuracy : ±1℃
Certifications : CE, RoHS
Material : Anti-flammable PC +ABS
Y819H/16-WIFI Underfloor Heating Room thermostat support directly button operate and remote WIFI operate by Android phones and Iphone, which is using for controlling electric heating system and carbon film heating system, such as setting temperature, choose mode etc. And it is widely used on hotel, hospital, school, office building and so on.