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Warehouse Electric Heat Trace Project of Shandong Logistics Company

Project Name: Warehouse Electric Heat Trace Project of Shandong Logistics Company

Products: Electric heat tracing system

    Kerry Logistics is an international third-party logistics service provider based in Asia with a highly diversified business and strong Asian network coverage. modal transport), industrial project logistics, cross-border e-commerce, as well as last-mile delivery and infrastructure investment.
Fire pipelines are the guarantee of building safety, but in cold winter areas, fire pipelines without antifreeze measures will easily be frozen. hidden danger. In order to keep the temperature of the fire pipeline within the normal working range, it is necessary to protect the fire pipeline from freezing and heat preservation to supplement the heat lost by the medium in the pipeline. At present, electric heat tracing and thermal insulation is an ideal solution.
     Electric heat tracing insulation is a gradually popular and mature pipeline antifreeze insulation technology. The principle is to wrap or flatten the electric heating cable on the outer wall of the pipe, and transfer the heat to the medium in the pipe after electrification, and cooperate with the outer insulation layer of the pipe to keep the temperature of the medium in the pipe within a reasonable range. In general, it is recommended to use self-limiting electric heating cables for fire pipelines. The self-limiting electric heating cable has high thermal efficiency, uniform temperature, simple installation, convenient maintenance, energy saving, economical, safe and reliable. complex plumbing.