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Shanxi Jincheng Oil Depot Relocation Pipeline Insulation Project

Project Name: Shanxi Jincheng Oil Depot Relocation Pipeline Insulation Project

Products: Self-limiting temperature electric heating cable

     The oil depot of Shanxi Jincheng Petroleum Branch of Sinopec Sales Co., Ltd. is relocated, and the oil pipeline will freeze at low temperature and block the pipeline. Therefore, this project chooses electric heat tracing cable to provide heat for the pipeline and maintain a certain constant temperature to achieve viscosity reduction and solution. Wax, the purpose of increasing the flow rate.
     The antifreeze and heat preservation electric heating cable used in the oil pipeline is a low-temperature reinforced explosion-proof self-limiting temperature electric heating cable. The conductive polymer PTC material in the electric heating cable is made by extrusion and radiation processing. The temperature of the heating body changes and the output power changes accordingly, so as to achieve the effect of automatic compensation, automatic adjustment and automatic control.
     The maintenance temperature of the low-temperature self-limiting electric heating cable is between 0-65 °C, and the advantage is that it can be arbitrarily cut and overlapped. Easy installation, simple maintenance and low operating costs. Strengthening the metal shielding net on the outer layer of the explosion-proof electric heating cable can prevent static electricity and be grounded safely. It not only improves the overall strength of the electric heating cable, but also plays the role of heat transfer and heat dissipation.
      It should be noted that installation is very important when using self-limiting electric heat tracing cable for heat preservation, and it must be installed in strict accordance with the operating instructions, so as not to cause malfunctions due to irregular installation and affect the medium heat preservation.