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Henan impulse pipe electric heat tracing antifreeze insulation project

Project Name: Henan impulse pipe electric heat tracing antifreeze insulation project

Products: High temperature electric heating cable

      The pressure-inducing pipes of the pressure transmitter are all condensed water to prevent additional differential pressure values due to the different heights of the condensed water in the two pipes. Therefore, most of the condensers with the nature of buffer tanks are used as condensation measures to accelerate the change of steam to water, but considering the winter The nature of the water in the impulse pipe that is easy to freeze requires the use of heat tracing measures
       The antifreeze and heat preservation of the pressure pipe is selected by the high temperature resistant electric heating cable MI armored heating cable. The stainless steel sheathed MI heating cable can meet the needs of heating and high power (up to 269W/m) under high temperature conditions, and its maximum withstand temperature can reach 650 °C. Because it is manufactured by a special production process, it has a long service life, is not easy to age, and has high compressive strength.
       MI armored heating cable has the advantages of pressure resistance, shock resistance, high impermeability, radiation resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion and explosion-proof. MI high temperature armored heating cable is an ideal choice for occasions where the environment is more complex and the temperature requirements are higher, and the ordinary type of electric heating cable cannot meet the requirements.
        At present, MI armored heating cables have been widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, steel, machinery and other industries, especially suitable for pipelines that require high output efficiency or need to withstand high temperature steam purging.