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Pipeline Anti-Freezing and Anti-Condensation Project of Shanghai Gas Equipment Co.

Project Name: Pipeline Anti-Freezing and Anti-Condensation Project of Shanghai Gas Equipment Co.

Products: Self-limiting electric heating tape

                   China's winter climate is cold, outdoor gas pipeline by the influence of low temperature will lead to the wet gas pipeline condensation ice, not only affect the normal transmission of the gas pipeline, there will be a great security risks. Therefore, the gas pipeline need to use the electric accompanies the tropical for its anti-freezing heat preservation, the gas belongs to the flammable and explosive substances, the choice is to strengthen the explosion-proof type self-limiting temperature electric accompanies the tropical heat preservation system.

                     The electric accompanies the heat is through the electric energy to transform into the heat energy to the gas pipeline to carry on the heat to supplement a way, make the pipeline inside the medium to maintain in the reasonable temperature range, prevent the phenomenon which appears the condensation and the ice because of the low temperature, at the same time the electric accompanies the heat preservation way to be more flexible, has the advantage which the installation is convenient, the heat preservation efficiency is high, the operation is safe, the service life is long and so on.
                     The self-limiting temperature electric accompanying heat belt has the intelligent temperature adjustment performance, can control the temperature range by oneself, when the surrounding environment temperature rises, the electric accompanying heat belt will reduce the power output automatically. When the surrounding temperature becomes cold, the electric accompanies the tropical heating power and rises automatically.

                    Self-limiting temperature electric accompanying tropical installation can be arbitrary shear, cross winding will not appear the situation of high temperature, need to pay attention to the self-limiting temperature electric accompanying tropical use of the length of more than 100 metres, otherwise there will be a failure, if the pipeline is longer it is recommended to choose the series of constant power electric accompanying tropics, this type of electric accompanied by the tropical a single power supply point of the circuit, the length of the longest length of up to 3,600 m. The electric accompanying tropics are suitable for long-distance pipeline insulation and accompanying the heat. Suitable for long-distance pipeline insulation and accompanying heat.